Accomplished White Collar Defense Attorney

Bill Sheetz handled over 100 appeals while assigned to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Appellate Division.  Mr. Sheetz tried hundreds of misdemeanor cases, felony cases and white collar crime cases as a Dallas County prosecutor.  Mr. Sheetz gained valuable experience as a state prosecutor.  Here, Mr. Sheetz learned how a prosecutor thinks. 

After great success at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Bill Sheetz was appointed an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas during the Reagan Administration.  Mr. Sheetz worked in the Lubbock Division and Dallas Division of the Northern District of Texas.  Mr. Sheetz achieved great success investigating federal crimes before Federal Grand Jurys and trying federal cases. This included cases such as government fraud, drug conspiracies, weapons charges, bank fraud, money laundering, and tax fraud.  Mr. Sheetz worked closely with the FBI, IRS, ATF and other governmental agencies.  Mr. Sheetz refined his trial skills while handling these federal cases from the moment the case was assigned to him and throughout the Federal Grand Jury investigation, trial of the case and appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The United States Attorney assigned Mr. Sheetz to head a special tax prosecution unit.  This tax unit devoted its resources to Federal Grand Jury investigations and trials of tax evasion, tax fraud and money laundering cases.  To underscore Mr. Sheetz’ success as the top tax prosecutor, the IRS Commissioner presented Mr. Sheetz “The Tax Prosecution Award.”       

Mr. Sheetz left the United States Attorney’s Office in the Fall of 1989.  Over the next twenty-eight years, Mr. Sheetz built a great reputation as a skilled criminal defense trial attorney specializing in white collar criminal defense and the defense of citizens accused of tax evasion, money laundering, government fraud, bank fraud, securities violations, organized crime, international drug conspiracies among many other criminal offenses.     

Over more than thirty-five years, Bill Sheetz’s clients include individuals and entities being investigated, charged and indicted by Federal and State Grand Jurys and individuals and entities appearing before Federal Grand Jurys as witnesses.  Mr. Sheetz represents many clients in Federal Courts nationwide including: New York, Maine, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.  Mr. Sheetz represents clients across the state of Texas including: Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton, McKinney, Bonham, Rockwall, Kingsville, Alice, Austin, Waco, Tyler, Paris, Lindale, Nacogdoches, Llano, Beaumont and Houston among others.

Mr. Sheetz’ proven record of delivering the best possible results defending clients being investigated for criminal conduct and charged with criminal offenses continues to grow his reputation as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas.

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William Sheetz is a member of the Texas State Bar. His Bar Number is 18180900